Approved Captive Managers

List of Approved Captive Managers in the State of Georgia

Company Name Date of Approval
SBC Risk Management, LLC 12/7/2015
MIJS Captive Management, LLC 12/8/2015
Stern Risk Partners, LLC 11/24/2015
Marsh Management Services, Inc. 12/10/2015
Strategic Risk Solutions, Inc. 1/15/2016
M.R. Mead & Company, Inc. 2/26/2016
River Oak Risk, LLC 4/15/2016
Arsenal Insurance Management, LLC 5/17/2016
Aon Insurance Managers (USA) Inc. 6/21/2016
Artex Risk Solutions, Inc. 6/21/2016
USA Risk Group, Inc. 6/24/2016
Hyperion Insurance Management (Cayman) Limited 11/22/2016
Willis Towers Watson Management (Vermont), Ltd. 11/22/2016
Somers Risk Consulting, Inc. 11/29/2016
Enterprise Risk Strategies LLC 6/14/2017
Atlas Insurance Management LLC 8/14/2017
Active Captive Management, LLC 10/18/2017
Beecher Carlson Insurance Services, LLC 11/17/2017
Energy Captive Management, LLC 7/1/2018
Risk Partners Inc 7/23/2018
Intuitive Captive Solutions, LLC 8/30/2018
Alta Holdings, LLC 11/14/2018
Caitlin Morgan Captive Management, LLC 11/12/2019
Property Owners Protection Insurance Company, LLC 6/22/2022
The Queen Firm, LLC 9/16/2022
KeyState Captive Management, LLC 9/16/2022