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The 2023 Modernization Project has been completed and the following details the processes for all three components of Education submittals beginning July 28, 2023. All submittals are available to electronically file and submit payment. Please review the reference materials and links below for more information. 

Download this pdf file. Education Webinar with Vertafore, OCI and Pearson VUE

Rules and Regulations for Prelicensing and Continuing Education 


  • Providers

    Beginning July, 2023, Providers will have only one account. If a provider conducts courses for both CE and PE, only one account will be generated. Providers already approved for one course type can apply to add the other course type, if needed. The only changes to the Provider's electronic application is the ability to have both course types on one account.

    Renewals due date has not changed. Due date for annual renewals is October 1st of each year. Sixty (60) days prior to that date, the renewals are available to review and pay. Instructors will no longer be a part of the annual provider renewals.

  • Courses

    Beginning January of 2024, all courses will be subject to limitation of six years to be offered. All courses approved six years or more ago (approved prior to January 1, 2019) will be inactivated on December 31, 2023. Please see list below for courses approved from 2018 to 2023 to understand the renewal cycles and end of use dates. Courses approved in a certain month will be renewed two times and be inactivated at the end of the six year term. For example, a course approved in January of 2024 will eligible for renewal in January of 2026 and January of 2028 and inactivated on the last day of the month prior, December 31, 2029.

    •Courses approved prior to January 1, 2018, are not eligible for renewal and will be inactivated on December 31, 2023

    •Courses approved in 2018 will remain active until the last day of approval month in 2024.  Courses will not be eligible for renewal.

    •Courses approved in 2019 will remain active until the last day of approval month in 2025.  Courses will not be eligible for renewal.

    •Courses approved in 2020 will have a renewal date of the last day of approval month in 2024.  Courses will be eligible to renew 1 time.

    •Courses approved in 2021 will have a renewal date of the last day of approval month in 2025.  Courses will be eligible to renew 1 time.

    •Courses approved in 2022 will have a renewal date of the last day of approval month in 2024.  Courses will be eligible to renew 2 times.

    •Courses approved in 2023 will have a renewal date of the last day of approval month in 2025.  Courses will be eligible to renew 2 times.

    The application process for courses has not changed. Courses can be submitted and paid for electronically. The submittal requirements of the details of the course has not changed. Those requirements can be found at Prelicensing and Continuing Education rules. Renewals will be available 60 days prior to the renewal expiration date. If the Provider does not wish to renew the course, the Provider can email [email protected] or simply not pay the renewal and the course will be inactivated for failure to renew. If requesting to end a course offering, please provide the Provider Number, Type of Course (PE or CE), Name and Number of Course, Date to End the course and contact information in case of questions. Be sure that course completions have been submitted to avoid issues with course credits to agents. 

  • Instructors

    Beginning July 28, 2023, Instructors can apply for themselves or the Education Provider they work with can apply for for them. Once approved, instructors will be required to renew by December 31st of odd years beginning with December 31, 2023. Renewals will be available on November 1st of every odd year. Any applications or renewals should provide the Instructor's contact information, not the Provider's.

    Beginning July 28, 2023, all instructors (current or new) will be required to submit a new electronic instructor application to establish a record independent of a provider or course. This application will request demographic and contact information, the course category(ies) to be eligible to teach, and to attach a current biography or resume.

    There will be NO FEE to submit a Georgia instructor application from July 28, 2023, to August 11, 2023. Beginning August 12, 2023, the fee will be $15.00 and after approval will be active through December 31, 2023. To be eligible to instruct for the 2024-2025 courses, the instructor will be required to renew by December 31, 2023. 

    Submitting an instructor application

    1. Go to

    2. Click on Look up Courses or Transcript

    3. Click on Services

    4. Click on Instructor Application

    5. Select Georgia and click Submit

    6. Answer No to “Has the applicant ever been an instructor in Georgia?”

    7. Answer Yes or No to “Has the applicant ever been an insurance licensee in Georgia?” Note: If you are licensed or were formerly licensed in Georgia, you should answer Yes.

    8. If No to Step 7, then enter all the requested information and Click Continue

    9. If Yes to Step 7, enter your last name, and license number or NPN, then proceed with Step 8

    10. Attach your resume and Click Continue

    11. Read the attestation and Click I Agree, and then Click Continue

    12. Review the entered information, Click I Understand, and then Click Process

    Renewals to be eligible to be an instructor during 2024-2025 will be available on November 1, 2023, to be submitted and paid by the due date of December 31, 2023. This completed and approved renewal will be valid through December 31, 2025.

  • Annuity Best Interest

    Rule 120-2-94 - Suitability in Annuity Transactions becomes effective on August 1, 2023

    Download this pdf file.  FAQ - Annuity Best Interest