Incident Reporting

There are a number of fire-related incidents that you are required, by law, to report to the State Fire Marshal.

Burn Injury/Fatality Reporting

Georgia Statute 25-2-32.1 requires that a health professional file a written report with the State Fire Marshal within 72 hours after being notified of a burn injury or wound that the professional is called upon to treat, dress, or bandage. The following burn injuries are subject to reporting:

  • Second or third degree burns to five (5) percent or more of the body
  • Burns to the upper respiratory tract
  • Laryngeal edema from inhaling superheated air
  • Burn injury or wound that may result in the victim’s death

To report a burn injury or fire fatality, please download and complete the appropriate form and email it within 72 hours to [email protected].

Click here to access the Burn Injury Report form (GID-373-SF)

Click here to access the Fire Fatality Report form (GID-374-SF)

Fire Incident Reporting

Rule 120-3-6.03 requires that any owner, manager, or operator of any building covered under the Georgia Fire Safety Act must report every fire, whether or not the fire was accidental or incendiary, to the Safety Fire Division within 24 hours of the incident.

To report a fire incident, please download and complete the Facility Fire Incident Report form (GID-339C-SF) and email it within 24 hours to [email protected]

Click here to access the Facility Fire Incident Report form (GID-339C-SF)

Fire Department Reporting (GFIRS)

The State Fire Marshal’s Office has adopted the NFIRS Version 5.0 as the standard for incident reporting Georgia Fire Incident Reporting System Version 5.0 (GFIRS). The (GFIRS) collects information on a full range of fire department activity to include information regarding types of fires, injuries and fatalities for civilian and fire service personnel, EMS, hazardous materials, Wildland fires and apparatus and personnel. 

More about GFIRS.

If you suspect that a recent fire may have been intentionally caused, call Georgia Arson Control (GAC) at 800-282-5804 or visit the GAC website

Any information you provide will be kept confidential.