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Certificates of Insurance

This document is designed to provide consumers, insurance agents, and others information pertaining to the enforcement of state law and regulations regarding Certificates of Insurance.

Download this pdf file. Certificates of Insurance

Also, refer to Download this pdf file. Bulletin 24-EX-4  - Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Certificates of Insurance in Georgia.

The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance oversees the licensing of insurance agents, subagents, adjusters and counselors. The information in this section is provided as a guide for new resident applicants and answers the most commonly asked licensing questions. 

You can read detailed information about licensing, prelicensing and application requirements, exams, licensing fees, links to forms, and more, in the Georgia Insurance Licensing Candidate Handbook.

  • Get an Agent License

    To get a license, you need to meet specific requirements, which vary depending on the category, also called class, of insurance you wish to sell. 

  • Renew an Agent License

    You are required to renew your license annually or biannually, depending on when it was first issued.

  • Register as a Life Settlement Broker
    • To be eligible to register as a Life Settlement Broker, you must hold a Life license for one year either in this State or in your home state. Non-resident producers must also have a valid non-resident producer license in Georgia. Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. r.. 120-2-93-.04(4).
    • You must provide the Life Settlement Providers that you are associated with.
    • The application fee of $50 plus a $5 processing fee is required when applying. 
    • Apply online at
    • When the application is approved, you will receive an email with the license.
  • Continuing Education Requirements

    Once you become a licensed agent, you need to meet certain criteria to maintain that licensure. This criteria also varies depending on the type of insurance you sell.

    Review Continuing Education requirements for maintaining your license.

  • Annuity Best Interest Requirements

    Rule 120-2-94 - Suitability in Annuity Transactions becomes effective on August 1, 2023.

    • Producers licensed prior to August 1, 2023, who engage in the sale of annuity products in Georgia must complete the one time, 1-hour best interest standards course - Annuity Best Interest 1. This 1-hour course will not be available after January 31, 2024. The 4-hour course will be required after that date.
    • Producers licensed after August 1, 2023, who will engage in the sale of annuity products in Georgia must complete the one time, 4-hour course - Annuity Best Interest 4. 

    Download this pdf file. FAQs are provided for your information. 

    Please contact our Education Team with any questions.

  • Adjuster, Broker & Counselor Requirements

    In addition to the basic agent licensing requirements, Adjusters, Brokers, and Counselors must meet specific submission requirements. 

    Review forms and details for submission.

  • Request an Address Change, Duplicate License, Check Your Status or a Name Change

    To request a change to your address, request a duplicate license, check status of your license, print a license and more login to the Georgia Licensing portal

    To request a name change, complete the Download this pdf file. Name Change form and send with payment to the addresses provided on the form. 

  • Request a Letter of Certification
    • The associated fee is $10.00 per letter plus a $5 processing fee.
    • You can request electronically via Georgia Licensing portal.
  • Request a Letter of Clearance
    • This form and the applicable payment should be sent to the address on the form. This form cannot be emailed.
    • Once processed, the Letter of Clearance will be sent to the business email on record in Sircon. To avoid confusion, be sure to verify and update your contact information at Select View a List of All Services and then select Change Individual Email.
    • Multiples of the letter will not be sent. Be sure to save the letter for your records and make copies as needed.
    • Your Resident License will not be converted into a Non-Resident License. Once you are licensed in your new resident state, you will need to apply for a non-resident license in Georgia if you want to maintain a license in Georgia.  
    • Complete the Request for Clearance Letter Download this pdf file. . The associated fee is $10 per letter plus a $5 processing fee. 
  • Request to Add or Remove a Non-Active Status

    To request a non-active status,

    • You must be licensed for ten (10) consecutive years or more to request non-active status. 
    • A request to put a license in non-active status can only be submitted in the 90 days preceding license expiration.
    • The completed form and payment must be mailed to the address on the form. This form cannot be emailed. 

    To remove non-active status,

    • A request to remove the non-active status for a licensee can be submitted at any time.
    • The completed form and payment must be mailed to the address on the form. This form cannot be emailed.

    Complete the Download this pdf file. Request to Add-Remove Non-Active Status form . The associated fee is $25 plus $5 processing fee.

  • Request to Cancel License
  • Transfer a License to Georgia from another State

    To transfer a resident license from another state to Georgia:

    • Request a letter of clearance from your current state
    • Check and confirm your license is Inactive in your current state
    • Within 90 days of that date, apply via Sircon for your Georgia license
    • This must be done within that time period to be exempted from pre-licensing courses, exams and fingerprinting

    If you submit an incomplete application, you will receive one deficiency notice via email to the business email address in your application submittal. You will have 60 days to resolve any deficiencies. If your application remains incomplete after 60 days, it will be closed as incomplete and you will need to reapply. There will be no refunds considered for incomplete applications that are closed.




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