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Staff Adjusters

Staff adjusters are salaried employees of the insurance company. Staff adjusters are not licensed but are registered by the Insurance Company. The staff adjuster registration is active for one year unless the Insurance Company terminates the registration. The Insurance company is required to update the registration list annually in March and is also required to file updates as they occur. The information displayed is current but can change from month to month.


Beginning this year, annual registrations are to be completed between  March 1 and March 31st. All registration payments must be completed by March 31st in order to avoid late fees. In the new platform, you will only upload new staff adjusters. See Annual Registration information below.


Download this pdf file. Enhancement Information - July 2022

Download this pdf file. CSV Upload Troubleshooting Guide - October 2022

  • Access GIMS to register Staff Adjusters
    1. Access GIMS to log into the Staff Adjuster platform

      Click on Staff Adjuster at the top right.

    2. New Staff Adjuster Coordinators must have an Account to Register Staff Adjusters

      • Click on "Don't have an account? Register." under the Log In bar

        • Complete the registration information
        • An email will be sent to you
        • Click on the link in the email to log in 
    3. Existing Staff Adjuster Coordinators that were in the previous system will need to click on Register and set up an account in the new platform.

    4. To reset or if you forgot your password, click “Forgot Password” and follow the steps to create a new password
      1. Once logged in, coordinators can update their profile by clicking on “Profile” at the top right of the screen.

      2. Click on Edit, make any changes in the fields needed and click on Save.

  • Register Staff Adjusters

    Once logged in, User can sort staff adjusters by Employee ID, Last Name or Status (Registered, Not Registered, Payment Due, or Draft (which means entered but not paid for). To see the list of Registered staff adjusters,  you will need to select that Status so the list will appear.

    User can View and Update Records at this main screen. There is no charge for updating (changing fields for an already paid for staff adjuster) or removing an adjuster. In this system, you will not upload a list of all registered staff adjusters, just new staff adjusters. You will remove, with no charge, any staff adjusters that are no longer employed.

    To view the list of employees by status, click on the Status on the Search By: function. You can also search by Employee ID and Last Name when searching for individual records. When the list appears, scroll down to the lower part of the list and expand, if needed, how many are listed - 50 up to 250 per page.

    Only new staff adjusters will be accepted when uploading.

    User can Export the List of Staff Adjusters; Add Staff Adjuster and Upload a List at this main screen

    1. Export the List

      1. Select the search criteria for the list
      2. Click on Export the List
      3. Click on the download button to export the date with entered search criteria selected
      4. The list will appear for your review and to save if needed
    2. Add Staff Adjuster

      1. Enter the fields – Middle Name and Address Line 2 are not required
      2. Required Fields: Employee ID; First Name; Last Name; Address Line 1; City; State  Zip code; Phone Number; Email Address.
      3. Review for errors and correct before clicking on Save
      4. A green success banner will appear at the top of the screen to confirm.
    3. Upload a List

      1. Click on Upload a List
      2. Click on Download to Download the Sample Template
        • Chrome or Edge browser must be most recent version
      3. Add the required fields for all staff adjusters and confirm the information is correct
      4. Check the list for any data entry errors. No punctuation in the phone number field.
      5. Delete the example row provided on the template before uploading
      6. Save the template on your computer
      7. Save the spreadsheet as a csv and upload by clicking the upload button
      8. A popup box will appear, click Done when the loaded message appears.
      9. Click on Upload to complete
      10. An Upload is successful popup should display.
  • Process Staff Adjusters to Complete Registration and Pay
    1. If you have any under the Status of Payment Due, click on the employee record box and select all
      1. A Renew or Remove action will appear at the top right of the list
        1. Click on Renew
        2. Confirm
        3. All Payment Due staff adjusters will be moved to Draft
    2. Click on the box on the lower right of the home screen “Click here to view the adjuster draft list”
    3. Review list
    4. User should select the Select All button to move to Payment 
    5. Click on Renew at the top right of the list
    6. Scroll down the screen to the Payment function
    7. The system will total the fees of $50 per adjuster plus the $5 processing fee
    8. Select the payment type of credit card or e-check
      1. For ACH set up, the Account ID is A586002001
      2. Name - Office of Commissioner of Insurance
    9. Click on Submit at the lower right of the screen to proceed
    10. Enter the Billing Information on the next screen and click on Next
    11. Enter Payment Details and click on Next
      1. If you need to go back to a previous screen, you can select the back button to go back and change any selections
    12. Review your Order
      1. If anything needs to be corrected, click Back at the lower left of the screen and make corrections
      2. If correct, click Pay
    13. Order Completion Screen will appear
    14. An email will be sent to your email address in your profile
  • Uploading List of Registered Staff Adjusters to Other Companies
    1. Click on Upload a List on the main page of the company ​​​
    2. The Upload a list popup will appear
    3. At the Select Upload Option, click on Upload to this Company or Select Companies to upload list if adding to more than one company.
      1. This would be best completed after the original registration has been paid.
      2. All companies under the Group NAIC will appear as a list
      3. Click on the box to the left of all companies to upload to
      4. The Upload a list pop up with appear and you will follow the prompts like any other upload process
        1. You will receive a message that the list has been successful or not
          1. Continue if successful and confirm staff adjusters are registered for all companies selected
          2. If not successful, review email for errors and reconfigure csv records
  • Remove Registered Staff Adjusters - Individual Records and by List (Bulk)
    1. To remove a registered staff adjuster by selecting individual records

      1. Use the Search By function to search by Employee ID or Last Name. A search by status will find all staff adjusters under that status.

        1. Click on the box to the left of the name

        2. Renew or Unregister will appear at the top right of the list box

        3. Select Unregister and confirm

        4. To completely remove the staff adjuster,

          1. Click on the box to the left of the name of all the adjusters under the Status of Not Registered

          2. Click on Remove and confirm

    2. To remove registered staff adjusters by uploading a list

      1. Use the Search By function to search by Status to access list of staff adjusters
        1. At the top right of the list, click on Delete a List
        2. A popup will appear to upload a list
        3. If you do not have the list prepared in the template required, click on Download to obtain the template
        4. When the list is ready to upload, click on Upload Files and select the csv file
          1. After the list is ready a blue line and green checkmark will appear, confirm by clicking Done

          2. The Upload button will appear to push the upload to the csv file to the system

          3. If the file does not upload, review for errors (punctuation in the phone number column, all required columns are listed, middle name column can be empty, etc..)

      2. Confirm staff adjusters have been removed

  • Annual Registration
    1. All currently registered staff adjusters will be moved to Registered Payment Due 
    2. At the Search By function, click on Status and select Payment Due to see the list of all staff adjusters set to register for this year
    3. If you need the current list of all staff adjusters, export the list of staff adjusters and save it. This could assist you in reviewing or checking on records.
    4. Click on the Employee ID box to select all
      1. A Renew or Remove action will appear at the top right of the list
        1. Click on Renew
        2. Confirm
        3. All Payment Due staff adjusters will be moved to Draft
    5. After reviewing and confirming the list of all current staff adjusters in Draft, the coordinator will process through to pay by scrolling down 
      1. You can add and remove staff adjusters if needed, prior to paying
      2. If you are uploading new staff adjusters,
        1. Be sure only numbers (no hyphens or parenthesis) are entered into the phone number column
        2. Remove the example line
        3. Any records that error out, you will receive an email listing the record. Review and make any necessary changes and upload those again or add manually if just a few records
    6. If the upload is successful and all records are uploaded, proceed to payment by clicking on the box to the left of the Employee ID header
    7. Click on the Go to Draft List on the lower right of the screen to see all available to register
    8. The total of the registrations plus the $5 processing fee will display
    9. If your total number expected does not match, click on the Back to Staff Adjuster list on the lower left of the screen to review again and make any removals or additions needed
    10. If the total is accurate, click the Payment Method of Credit Card or E-check 
    11. Click on Submit on the lower right of the screen
    12. Enter the payment information
    13. An email will be sent with your receipt
      1. You can take a screenshot of the payment screen for your records
      2. Export a list of your registered staff adjusters for your records
    14. This must be completed by March 31st.
  • User Guide for Staff Adjusters

    Updated guide with enhancements and corrections to be uploaded in late August, 2022.

    Download this pdf file. Guide to Add, Remove and Process Payments for Staff Adjusters



Emergency Disaster Adjusters

There are no declared emergencies as of today. 

Link to Register Emergency Disaster Adjusters

Please see Bulletins for up to date information 

Download this pdf file. User Guide to Add Emergency Disaster Adjusters

Search for Registered Emergency Disaster Adjusters 

In the event of a Georgia Emergency Management Authority (GEMA) declared disaster or catastrophe, the insurer will be required to register with the Department a list of non-licensed salaried staff adjusters and out of state licensees that will be handling claims relating to the catastrophe/disaster. After filing, Disaster entry permits will be assigned to each insurer. These entry permits will be assigned to each adjuster for a period not to exceed 60 days.

The Insurer's emergency adjuster filing must include information regarding its adjuster Coordinator. The filing must include the adjuster coordinator's name, address, e-mail address, and phone number.

In the event of a non-GEMA declared disaster, nonresident adjusters licensed in another state may enter Georgia for a period not to exceed 60 days. The adjuster must notify the Department prior to entry into this state. Such notification must include the adjuster's name, address, date of anticipated entry into this state and any other information that the Commissioner deems necessary to complete the filing. If the adjuster will be in this state for a period exceeding 60 days, the individual must apply for adjuster licensure.


Contact Staff Adjuster and Emergency Disaster Adjusters

Please send an email with your questions with as much detail as possible.