Agency Licensing & Renewals

The Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner regulates and licenses a variety of business entities - Agency, Retail Vendors of Portable Electronics, Self-Storage Provider, Rental Company. Agency is defined as a business entity which represents one or more insurers and is engaged in the business of selling, soliciting, or negotiating insurance. Agency also means a business entity insurance producer.

  • Georgia Insurance Licensing Candidate Handbook

    A detailed reference guide about licensing, prelicensing and application requirements, exams, license fees, links to forms and more.

  • Get an Agency License
  • Agency Name Approval Process

    All resident and non-resident insurance agencies using a business name or DBA that includes one of the following restricted words must obtain a Name Approval Acceptance: Assurance, Annuity, Benefit, Discount, Fidelity, Guaranty, Health, Insurance, Indemnity, Life, Medical, Manager, Pharmacy, Reciprocal, Reassurance, Reinsurance, Settlement, Syndicate, Surety, Sharing, and Viatical.

    If the name of your agency includes one of these words, an insurance license will not be issued until a Name Approval Acceptance Letter has been issued by the Office of Insurance’s Insurance Financial Oversight Division. Additionally, if you are required to register with the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, they will deny your request to form a domestic company in Georgia or to register as a foreign corporation doing business in Georgia until you have been issued a Name Approval Acceptance Letter.

    To obtain a replacement Name Approval Letter for a lost or misplaced letter, please contact [email protected] and provide the name of the Agency, the approximate request timeframe and a contact name and phone number. If we experience issues finding the letter, we will contact you for more information. We also recommend checking your spam folders in case the email providing the letter is not received in your inbox. 

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  • Renew an Agency License

    Licenses are renewed every two years. Renewals can be filed electronically 60 days prior to expiration date.  

    Review details and required forms on the Agency Renewals page. 

  • Request to Cancel Agency License
    • No fee is required.
    • You must provide your Georgia license number and designate the license type and lines to cancel.
    • This form is sent electronically through our form portal.
    • Complete the License Cancellation Form - State of Georgia.
  • Manage a License - Name Change, Letter of Clearance, Afilliations

    Aside from renewals, you may need to change a name or address, request certification status letters, clearance letters or provide Affiliations forms.

    • Manage Agency License details in the Georgia Licensing Portal.
    • For Agency Name Changes, a Name Approval Letter is required to be filed with the Name Change Form if any of the following words are in the new name:
      • Acceptance: Assurance, Annuity, Benefit, Discount, Fidelity, Guaranty, Health, Insurance, Indemnity, Life, Medical, Manager, Pharmacy, Reciprocal, Reassurance, Reinsurance, Settlement, Syndicate, Surety, Sharing, and Viatical.
      • Please review our Name Approval Process.
    • For all name changes, complete the Name Change Form - GID-390-AL and submit with payment to the address provided on the form. If the name change required approval through the Name Approval process, the name approval acceptance letter must be filed with the Name Change Form.
    • To request a clearance letter, complete the Request for Clearance Letter form and include payment of $10 per letter requested plus a $5 processing fee.
    • To update or add any Affiliations, complete the Affiliations form which is electronically sent.


  • Update Contact and Address Information for Producer Licensing

    Address and contact types can be updated in real time via a Sircon for States portal. This portal offers an efficient process for regulated entities to update address and contact information. This portal is to be used by Regulated Entities only and cannot be used by individual licensees or agencies. To access, an entity will enter their NAIC or license number and a PIN number to update the relevant information.

    Licensed Agents and Agencies should access Sircon to update their contact information

    Instructions for Regulated Entities (This service cannot be used by individual licensees or agencies.)

    To update your company’s information, access the Company Address Change Portal:

    1. Enter your NAIC or license number with the PIN to access the portal.
      1. If you do not know the PIN, click on “Need Pin?” under the PIN field in the portal. The current PIN contact for your company will be displayed.
      2. If the contact person is no longer with your company, please contact our office at the email addresses listed below.
    2. Once in the portal, enter the updates needed.
    3. Complete the authorized submitter section of the portal.
    4. Click on “SAVE” and a confirmation page will appear. Once saved, the address change is made in real time.
      1. Only click “Cancel” if you do not want the change made.
    5. After reviewing the page, scroll to the lower part of the page.
      1. If there are more updates to be made, click “Update Another,” which will take you to the address change page.
      2. If there are no more updates to be made, click “Finished” and you will be directed to the OCI website.

    Address changes are applied at the individual company level and cannot be applied across related companies. If address changes are required for related companies, you will need to log in with each NAIC or license number and update each address accordingly.

    If you are unable to edit any types of contacts or addresses, please contact the Georgia Department of Insurance at [email protected] for traditional insurance companies and [email protected] for non-traditional companies.

    Excluded Address and Contact Information Changes

    Please note that changes requiring statutory fees cannot be made through this portal process. Examples of changes requiring statutory fees can include, but are not limited to, changes in a regulated company’s designated service of process, statutory home address, and/or redomestication from one state to another state.


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