School Reports

Schools Fire and Emergency Drill Reporting

In Georgia, every K-12 school, whether public or private, must conduct fire drills. According to the 2018 Life Safety Code Chapter 15, Section 15.7.2 on Emergency Egress Drills, Educational Occupancies are required to follow Chapter 4, Section 4.7.2 as stated in the Rules and Regulations of the Safety Fire Commissioner, 120-3-3. The amended 4.7.2 specifies that evacuation drills should align with the International Fire Code Chapter 405. As per Table 405.2, fire drills in Educational Occupancies are to be carried out monthly, involving all occupants.

Every school must report fire drills to the Georgia Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire Reporting System. Collaborating with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency of Homeland Security and the Georgia Department of Education, this system also manages reporting for other drills like Severe Weather Drills and Intruder Alert Drills.


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