How to Submit A Certification Application Package

All Georgia Certification Application Packages and Georgia Passport Certification Application Packages must include the cross-referenced application checklist and all the required materials listed in the application checklist. 

Application Packages must be submitted in two forms: a hard copy via mail or courier AND electronically via email. 

Submissions should be sent to the following:

1) Hard copy via mail or courier:

          Standard Mail

Georgia Department of Insurance
ATTN: Director, Division of Insurance and Financial Oversight
P.O. Box 935138
Atlanta, GA 31193-5138

Overnight Mail or by Courier

Wells Fargo
Georgia Department of Insurance
ATTN: Director, Division of Insurance and Financial Oversight
Lockbox # 935138
3585 Atlanta Ave
Hapeville, GA 30354

2) Electronic Copy (attach to an email):

HERE for Georgia Certification Application packages
HERE for Georgia Passport Certification Application packages

If you have any questions regarding the submission procedure please contact us.