Planning Your Home Fire Escape

The Safety Fire Commissioner’s Office encourages all Georgians to develop a plan for escaping your home in case of fire. By developing and practicing an escape plan, you can establish good habits that can greatly reduce your risk of injury or death.

The State Safety Fire Commissioner and the State Fire Marshal recommend the following procedures for planning your home fire escape:

• Install smoke alarms on every level of your home.

• Test your smoke alarms at least once a week and replace the batteries at least twice a year. 

• Most fatal fires occur at night, when people are sleeping.  It is important to have at least one smoke alarm near the bedroom area to provide early warning in case of a fire.  In homes with more than one level, place at least one smoke alarm on each level. 

• Develop a home escape plan with your family and practice it often. 

• Always know two ways out. 

• In case of fire while sleeping, roll out of bed and crawl low under smoke.Smoke is dangerous to breathe.  Hot smoke rises toward the ceiling, leaving cooler, cleaner air close to the floor and you will be able to see better.  Go quickly to your exit.  Smoke rises and has poisonous gases in it.

• If your home has two floors, every family member (including children) must be able to escape from the second floor rooms. Escape ladders can be placed in or near windows to provide an additional escape route.

• Have a designated meeting place for the family.  Make sure everyone is out of the house, and then go to the neighbor’s house and call the fire department or 911.

• Once you are out, stay out

* Below is a Mini Lesson Plan to help create your escape at home plan which was written by the NFPA.