Hearing on New Rules and Regulations Scheduled for Monday, November 22, 2021

The Rules and Regulations of the Commissioner of Insurance are proposed to be amended by the following actions: 

  • Promulgating Regulation Chapter 120-2-108 entitled “Valuation of Life Insurance Policies”
  • Promulgating Regulation Chapter 120-2-109 entitled “Term and Universal Life Insurance Reserve Financing Regulation”
  • Promulgating Regulation Chapter 120-2-110 entitled “Right to Shop”
  • By Amending Chapter 120-2-1 entitled “Organization”
  • By Amending Chapter 120-2-3 entitled “Regulations Regarding Agents, Subagents, Counselors, Adjusters, Surplus Lines Brokers, and Agencies”
  • Modifying Regulation Chapter 120-2-58 entitled “Certification of Private Review Agents” by Amending Regulation Chapter 120-2-58-.01 through 120-2-58-.09.
  • Modifying Regulation Chapter 120-2-78 entitled “Credit for Reinsurance” by Amending Chapters 120-2-78-.09 through 120-2-78-.16, and by Promulgating Form RJ-1.

The purpose of promulgating Chapters 120-2-108, 120-2-109, 120-2-110 is to react to new market conditions and bring the regulations into conformity with legislation passed by the Georgia General Assembly.

The primary purpose of the proposed changes to Regulation Chapters 120-2-3, 120-2-58, and 120- 2-78 is to modernize and modify the regulations to bring them into conformity with legislation passed by the Georgia General Assembly.

Additionally, the Rules and Regulations of the Commissioner of Safety Fire are proposed to be amended by the following actions:

  • Amending Regulation Chapter 120-3-3-.04 entitled “State Minimum Fire Safety Standards with Modifications”
  • Amending Regulation Chapter 120-3-7-.06 entitled “In-Plant Primary Inspection Agency IPIA Inspection Procedures; Disagreements With Procedures”
  • Amending Regulation Chapter 120-3-7-.15 entitled “Reports of Manufactured and Mobile Home Installations”
  • Amending Regulation Chapter 120-3-7-.19 entitled “Compliance with Rules and Regulations; Penalties”
  • Repealing and Replacing Reserved Chapter 120-3-8 with a regulation entitled “Rules and Regulations for the Public Protection Classification (PPC) Appeal Process”
  • Repealing and Replacing Regulation Chapter 120-3-18 entitled “Rules and Regulations for Fire Safety Inspection, Operation, Licensing and Certification of Motor Vehicle Racetracks and Grandstands”
  • Amending Regulation Chapter 120-3-25 entitled “Rules and Regulations for Escalators and Elevators”
  • Amending Regulation Chapter 120-3-26 entitled “Rules and Regulations for Boilers and Pressure Vessels”

These rules and regulations of the Safety Fire Commissioner are promulgated to establish the State’s minimum fire safety standards as specified in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, (O.C.G.A.) Section 25-2-4.

A primary purpose of these rules and regulations is to establish the state minimum fire safety standards and requirements for the prevention of loss of life and property from fire, panic from fear of fire, explosions or related hazards in all buildings, structures. These proposed amendments are primarily to address modern changes in technology and procedures that require regulatory adjustment.

The aforesaid proposals are now on file in the Administrative Procedure Division of the Office of Commissioner of Insurance, 708 West Tower, Floyd Building, Two Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30334, and are hereby declared to be a public record as follows:

Interested persons may participate in the proposed rulemaking process by submitting their written comments to:

Gregg Conley
Administrative Procedure Division
708 West Tower, Floyd Building
Two Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Telephone Number (404) 463-0240
[email protected] 

All comments must be received by the Administrative Procedure Division by 4:30 P.M. on Monday, November 15th, 2021.

Interested persons may also participate in the proposed rulemaking by submitting oral comments at the hearing to commence on November 22, 2021, at 9:00 A.M. at:

Hearing Room of the Office of Commissioner of Insurance
Ninth Floor, West Tower, Floyd Building
Two Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Oral presentations at the hearing may be limited to five (5) minutes per person in order to afford all interested persons an opportunity to be heard.  If you have a physical impairment and require assistance or have any questions regarding this notice, please contact the Administrative Procedure Division. 

Based upon full consideration of all written and oral comments regarding the above matters, the Commissioner of Insurance may reject or adopt the proposed rules or may make changes to the proposed rules which may require another rulemaking hearing.