ATLANTA – Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John F. King released the following statement today regarding the 19th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks: 

“As a soldier, former police officer, and citizen, I will never forget the events of September 11. Today, my staff, my family, and I have heavy hearts as we remember those impacted by the attacks, from the family members who lost loved ones that day to those brave men and women who are still dealing with ensuing consequences such as trauma-induced mental health problems and the sacrifice of sending loved ones overseas. 

The events of September 11 showed us the worst in humanity, but the response showed us the best. New Yorkers ran into the Twin Towers to rescue not just loved ones, but strangers. The heroic passengers on United Flight 93 saved countless lives. Our neighbors around the globe sent aid and denounced terrorism. Men and women of all races, nationalities, and political ideologies gathered to pray and to remember the lives lost. 

I distinctly remember being deployed overseas when I heard the news. As a police officer, I feared for my fellow officers and firefighters as our brothers and sisters in New York City fulfilled their duty to protect and serve. I realized that day that all of our lives had changed forever. 

In the coming years, I deployed with other men and women in uniform to Iraq and Afghanistan for multiple tours of duty. While my service may have earned medals, too many of my friends made the ultimate sacrifice. 

While those terrorist attacks 19 years ago could have divided us, they instead strengthened our bond as Americans. 

Today, we face a pandemic, an election, and ongoing societal issues that divide us across racial, political, and socioeconomic lines. So let’s learn from the example we set on September 11 and beyond. Let’s remember the value of our first responders. Let’s honor the inherent dignity of every human life and work together as neighbors, not rivals. Let’s keep seeking to fulfill the promise of liberty and justice for all that unites us as citizens. 

Let’s never forget.” 


The mission of the Office of the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner is to protect Georgia families by providing access to vital insurance products and safe buildings through fair regulation that creates economic opportunities for all Georgians.