ATLANTA – The Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John F. King announced today that a Dodge County fire has been ruled an arson and local authorities are investigating a potential burglary. The fire occurred at 745 Helena Dirt Road in Helena in the evening hours of Tuesday, September 15.

At 8:30 p.m., the Dodge County Fire Department arrived at the scene and found a fire showing out of the center of the home’s roof. The Fire Department was able to save the home from complete destruction.

“The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office requested our assistance to investigate this fire,” said Commissioner King. “Our investigators found four points of origin that did not connect. Therefore, we believe this fire was intentionally set, and we have ruled it an arson.”

Prior to the arrival of Commissioner King’s State Fire Investigations Unit, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office and Dodge County Fire Department conducted an initial investigation to see if a burglary had occurred before the fire. They found multiple items, including several firearms, that had been disposed of in the woods nearby.

State fire investigators will continue to work with Dodge County officials on this investigation. The GBI has also been contacted to provide assistance.


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