ATLANTA – Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John F. King announced today that Michael Pontiff, 36, of Atlanta, has been charged with Insurance Fraud and Forgery in the 1st Degree. The charges stem from a claim filed by Mr. Pontiff with USAA.

“USAA contacted our Criminal Investigations Division after the suspect submitted a bill of sale as proof of ownership for a vehicle he wanted insured that they found suspicious,” said Commissioner King. “Our investigators determined that the documents were forged and the vehicle had in fact not been purchased. Additionally, we found that he had forged names and dates for additional vehicles that he had attempted to purchase with bad checks.”

Warrants were taken out for Mr. Pontiff’s arrest in Fulton County on June 13th. He has not yet been arrested at this time.  

The mission of the Office Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire is to protect Georgia families by providing access to vital insurance products and safe buildings through fair regulation that creates economic opportunities for all Georgians.

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