Friday Health Plans of Georgia, Inc. (“Friday Health Plans”) will be placed into receivership to protect Georgia policyholders due to its reported insolvency and inability to raise additional funds from outside investors. 

Friday Health Plans was placed into administrative supervision on March 8, 2023, by consent order to try to cure its surplus deficiency reported to our office on March 3, 2023. During this period of enhanced supervision our office has closely monitored the Company and determined that continued operation of Friday Health Plans was not possible without putting policyholders at risk, so we are acting to protect them.

Friday Health Plans policyholders that have health insurance coverage through the federally facilitated exchange – Your health insurance coverage will end at the end of the day on July 31, 2023. To ensure Friday Health Plans policyholders have an opportunity to replace their current exchange coverage before it is terminated, effective August 1, 2023, our office coordinated with the federal office known as the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight to implement a special enrollment period for members to select another exchange health insurance plan. 

The special enrollment period starts on June 1, 2023, and ends on September 29, 2023. If you purchased health insurance from Friday Health Plans through the federal exchange you must choose a new exchange health insurance plan by July 31, 2023, to avoid a gap in health insurance coverage. We have set up a website to assist impacted members with the process of choosing a new exchange health insurance plan.  

Again, it is important that if you are a Friday Health Plans policyholder, please select a new health insurance plan before July 31, 2023, to avoid any gaps in health insurance coverage. Below are important dates to keep in mind:


June 1                         Special Enrollment Period Begins

July 31                        Last Day to Enroll Without a Gap in Coverage

August 1                     All Friday Health Plans Policies Are Terminated

September 29             Last Day of Special Enrollment Period

Finally, providers should continue to service all Friday Health Plans members and should not demand payment other than the proper cost share associated with the medical service and relevant health plan. Providers will be paid for all covered claims for services performed prior to August 1, 2023.   


The mission of the Office Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire is to protect Georgia families by providing access to vital insurance products and safe buildings through fair regulation that creates economic opportunities for all Georgians.