ATLANTA – Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John F. King announced today that Kenesha Daniels, 34, of Augusta, has been charged with insurance fraud and forgery.

In April of 2021, Ms. Daniels was involved in a traffic accident. She filed an automobile injury claim with her insurance company and submitted an invoice for treatment at a local hospital as evidence.

“Special Agents from our Criminal Investigations Division reached out to the hospital to verify the authenticity of the invoice,” said Commissioner King. “They confirmed that Ms. Daniels did not receive treatment at their facility during the claimed period, and they had no invoices matching the one submitted by the suspect.”

In May of that same year, Ms. Daniels was involved in a second traffic accident and submitted another forged invoice in an attempt to receive an insurance payout.

Warrants were taken out against Ms. Daniels on June 30th in Columbia County. She is still wanted at this time.


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Ethan Stiles