Georgia Fire Incident Reporting System

The State Fire Marshal’s Office has adopted the NFIRS Version 5.0 as the standard for incident reporting Georgia Fire Incident Reporting System Version 5.0 (GFIRS). The (GFIRS) collects information on a full range of fire department activity to include information regarding types of fires, injuries and fatalities for civilian and fire service personnel, EMS, hazardous materials, Wildland fires and apparatus and personnel. The GFIRS is modular in design. The program is an essential tool to identify and define the state’s fire problem, recognize fire trends and fire events which impact the citizens of Georgia. 

Reporting to the State Fire Marshal’s Office

Fire departments are to submit their data on a Quarterly basis. Reports are due within every 90 day window after January 1st. Example: January-March reports should be sent in early April; April-June reports are due early July, July-September reports are due early October; etc. Fire departments should submit their files electronically directly into NFIRS Bulk Import Utility

For directions on how to create the upload file please use the attached document. Download this ppt file. How to create the file . (If you do not have access to contact your Region CRR Manager)

For directions on how to upload the file for NFIRS, How to upload the file.

If you have any issues or questions please email [email protected] or (470) 725-5722.

Fire departments must use software that meets the standards set forth by the United States Fire Administration.

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