How Do I … Renew an Agent License?

  • Get Prepared

    The requirements and fees for license renewal vary by insurance category. Before applying for renewal, make sure you’re prepared to provide the following:

    1. Evidence that you’ve completed your continuing education (CE) requirements; note, if you are requesting a CE reduction or exemption, you may also request when applying
    2. Be prepared to answer the five background questions and provide any supporting documentation, if required. Any events disclosed in previous applications or renewals are not required to be disclosed again. Only answer "yes" to background questions to events that have happened since your last license event (application or renewal).
    3. If you are required to submit a Citizen Affidavit (Form GID-276-EN), complete the form, have it notarized with a copy of the verifiable identification ready to upload.
    4. All applicable fees plus $5 processing fee
      • Agent (Renew with Variable) – $200
      • Agent (Renew without Variable) – $100
      • Adjuster, Counselor – $100
      • Limited Subagent – $100
      • Surplus Lines Broker – $600
  • Apply for Renewal

    You are eligible to apply for online renewal of your license 60 days prior to expiration date.

    • Visit the Georgia Licensing portal
    • Click on the “Renew or Reinstate a License” button
    • Follow the prompts to complete the process
    • Upload your supporting documents (e.g., Citizen Affidavit (if required), verifiable ID)
  • Next Steps

    • Once you've submitted all the required materials, documentation and information, we will review your application
    • If there is an issue with your application, we will contact you
    • If your application is approved, we will email your license to you via Sircon's automated system 
    • Processing times may vary, but the average turnaround time is 14 business days