Request an Agency License

All insurance agencies seeking to do business in Georgia must be licensed

An agency is defined as a business entity that represents one or more insurers and is engaged in the business of selling, soliciting, or negotiating insurance. Agency also means a business entity insurance producer.

Agency licenses must be renewed every two years. To renew an existing agency license, visit the renewals page.

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How Do I Request an Agency License?

  • Make Sure You're Eligible

    • All applicants for agency licensure must submit a U.S. citizenship affidavit.
    • This request for agency license should be submitted by agencies located in the State of Georgia. Out-of-state agencies must follow a different procedure.
  • Get Prepared

    • Some documents, like the Citizenship Affidavit, must be signed and notarized in advance.
    • If you are applying online, some documents may need to be printed, filled out, and uploaded. This may require a scanner.
  • Gather What You'll Need

    • Completed, signed, and notarized  Citizenship Affidavit (GID-276-EN)
    • Completed Resident Agency/Business Entity Application (GID-130-AL) form
    • A Name Approval Acceptance Letter is required when any of the following terms appear in the agency name: Assurance, Annuity, Benefit, Discount, Fidelity, Guaranty, Health, Insurance, Indemnity, Life, Medical, Manager, Pharmacy, Reciprocal, Reassurance, Reinsurance, Settlement, Syndicate, Surety, Sharing, and Viatical
    • Appropriate information regarding any licensed/unlicensed officers, licensed/unlicensed employees, and company affiliations associated with the agency location
    • Agency’s name, license number, and FEIN or SSN
    • For each of the agency’s owners, officers, and/or directors who are not licensed in the state of Georgia, a completed GID-130S-AL (which can be found in Addendum 2 on the GID-130-AL form) must be submitted with the application
    • Form of payment for application fee
  • Submit Your Application

    You can submit a request for agency license online, by mail, or by fax. Applying online is the fastest way to receive an agency license.

    • Submit online
      • Access our online application system
      • From the list of options, select “Apply for a License”; this will take you to the License Applications page
      • Select “Other Licenses”
      • Select "Firm"
      • Select "Continue"
      • Select your State of Residency from the drop-down menu
      • Continue following the prompts as instructed to submit your information and upload any relevant documents
      • Submit payment for application fee
    • Submit by mail
      • Applying by mail is the slowest way to receive an agency license.
      • Gather your completed documents and include a check or money order payable to: PSI Services LLC/Georgia Insurance Dept.
      • Mail your documents and payment to:
        Bank of America Lockbox Services
        Lockbox 742983
        6000 Feldwood Road
        College Park, GA 30349


    • Submit by fax
      • Applying by fax may result in increased processing time due to possible clarity issues or problems with submission.
      • Gather your completed documents and fax them to 404-656-0874.
      • You must then mail your payment to:
        Bank of America Lockbox Services
        Lockbox 742983
        6000 Feldwood Road
        College Park, GA 30349



  • Next Steps

    • Once your request for agency license has been successfully submitted, we will review your application
    • Online submissions should receive a response with two (2) days. Mail-in and Fax submissions should receive a response with four (4) days of receipt.
    • If there is an issue with your application, we will contact you
    • Agency licenses must be renewed every two years.
    • If your request is denied, you will receive a Notice of Denial stating the grounds upon which your application for licensure was refused; in this case, you have the option to file a written petition to appeal the decision within twenty (20) days of the issuance of the Notice of Denial



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