Data Plate Search Requests

The Manufactured Housing Section maintains records of HUD-Code manufactured homes produced in Georgia from 1977 to the present.  In the event that the original Data Plate located within these homes has become defaced or has been destroyed, replacement copies may be available to owners, financial institutions or other governmental agencies requiring this construction information.  Please be advised that long-term storage is not always kind to these documents, and more primitive earlier technology was less than durable.  For example, older documents were carbon copies of handwritten data, and these have simply vanished over time.  

All our legible records have been digitally scanned and converted to pdf format. When located, they can be attached to e-mails and sent to the requestor.  No paper copies will be created or processed.  

To request a Data Plate Search, click the link below which will take you to our Citizenserve Portal.  Once there, log in if you already have an account established with us.  If not, click register now, and for registration type, select "contact" and enter accurate information in the required fields, then submit.  Once logged in, select the search sub-type option you prefer; option 1, a response within 10 business days, or option 2, a response within 3 business days.  Search fees are dependent upon the option selected: Option 1, $100.00 or option 2, $500.00.

Enter the HUD label number for the data plate you are requesting beginning with GEO.  If the prefix is anything other than GEO, our office did not issue the label, and we have no record of the data plate.  GEO will be followed by a maximum of 7 digits.  Click submit, and proceed to the payment process.  The only accepted forms of payment are by E-Check, or credit card.  Complete the required fields for payment and click submit.  In the event your requested data plate cannot be located, you will be issued a refund of the search fee.

If located, the copy of the data plate you requested will be sent to the e-mail address we have on file within the time frame selected.  Please ensure your e-mail address and telephone contact numbers are accurate and current.  To begin your request, please click on the following link: