Premium Tax Payments


  • Admitted Company Premium Tax, County/Municipal, Special Fraud Fund, or Penalty and Interest

    As of 12/11/2023, all Admitted Companies filing through Tri-Tech, must log into their GIMS account to make a payment. 

    If paying through your GIMS account, you must update the originator ID in your White List:

    • Premium Tax: H586002001
    • Fraud: E586002001
    • County/Municipal: F586002001

    Please provide these numbers to your bank prior to making an e-check payment through CyberSource. 


  • Non-Admitted Payments

    For Non-Admitted Payments

    • Log into your SLIP Account
    • For historical filings that require paper forms, send affidavit and payment to:
      Wells Fargo Bank, NA
      Georgia Department of Insurance, Premium Tax Division
      Lockbox 935134
      3585 Atlanta Ave
      Hapeville, GA 30354