Premium Tax Payments

For instructions for ACH payments, please fill our our request form. For other payment instructions, see below. 

  • Admitted Company Premium Tax, County/Municipal, Special Fraud Fund, or Penalty and Interest

    You will need the invoice number to proceed with payment. The invoice number is located under the address section of the invoice and looks like this: Invoice #: 2001234. Next enter your Payor ID which looks like this Payor ID #: 123456.

    If you are going to pay by e-check, please use the following originator ID’s in your White List:

    • Payments: 9001211MFT
    • Returns: 05221907BM

    Please provide these numbers to your bank prior to making an e-check payment through Official Payments

    Make your payment via our online Electronic Payment System.

  • Non-Admitted Payments

    For Non-Admitted Payments

    • If paying by ACH, mail affidavit to:
      Georgia Dept. of Insurance
      P.O. Box 935134
      Atlanta, GA 31193-5134
    • If paying by Check, mail affidavit and payment to:
      Georgia Dept. of Insurance, Premium Tax Division
      P.O. Box 935134
      Atlanta, GA 31193-5134
    • To overnight Check payment, send affidavit and payment to:
      Wells Fargo Bank, NA
      Georgia Department of Insurance, Premium Tax Division
      Lockbox 935134
      3585 Atlanta Ave
      Hapeville, GA 30354