All resident and non-resident insurance carriers must obtain a Name Approval Acceptance Letter from the Department for their legal names and dba names (if applicable). Entities may only use one dba name, which must be registered with the Superior Court Clerk’s office in the county in which the entity is located or primarily doing business.

Obtaining a Replacement Name Approval Letter for a Lost or Missing Letter - To obtain a replacement Name Approval letter in the event of your letter being misplaced or not being received, please contact [email protected] . It is also recommended that you check your spam folder in case the emailed letter does not reach your inbox. There is currently no fee for a replacement Name Approval letter.

  • Make Sure You Are an Insurance Company, Not an Agency

    An insurance carrier, also known as an insurance company or insurer, is any business entity engaged as indemnitor, surety, or contractor who issues insurance, annuity or endowment contracts, subscriber certificates, or other contract of insurance by whatever name called.  Hospital service non-profit corporations, non-profit medical service corporations, burial associations, health care plans and health maintenance organizations are also considered insurance carriers.

    Entities that are independently operated that write and/or sell insurance policies are considered AGENCIES and it is recommended that you use this link to learn more about Name Approvals for those entities. Agency Name Approval Process

    For inquiries about Name Approvals for your company, please email [email protected]

  • Gather What You'll Need

    • Proposed entity name – Provide the entity’s exact legal name and the DBA or trade name, if applicable, in the following format: John Doe Company, Inc. dba JD Company.
    • Identification type  This will be either EIN/FEIN or ORGID. If the system does not accept your ID entered, select Not Provided.
    • Your contact information – First and last name, phone number, email address, and business address.
    • $50 application fee + $5 processing fee – The fee for name approval applications is $50 plus a $5 processing fee.  Download this pdf file. Bulletin 20-EX-8  issued by the Georgia Department of Insurance on June 2, 2020, explains the processing fee.
    • A way to pay your $55 filing fee – The Division must receive your filing fee prior to processing your application. You have two options for paying this fee by credit card or ACH. 
  • Complete and Submit Your Name Approval Application Online

    1. Go to the Online Name Approval Application.
    2. Fill out all required fields on the application.
    3. You will then complete the payment by paying by credit card or ACH.
    4. Click on the “Submit” button at the lower right of the screen.
  • Next Steps

    • After you submit your online application, you will receive an email notifying you that the application has been received by the Division. This email will include a link to a page that will let you know the status of your application. You may return to this page using the link at any time during the name approval application review process.
    • If your name is approved, you will receive an email with a Name Approval Acceptance Letter attached. Please keep a copy of this letter for your records and submit a copy with your application for a Certificate of Authority. Be sure to check your spam folders in case the emailed letter does not reach your inbox. 
    • If your proposed agency name is not available for use in Georgia, you will receive an email attaching a Name Approval Rejection Letter. The email will include instructions regarding who to contact in order to discuss your options for a revised entity name. Do not file a second online name approval application with a new proposed name if you receive a Name Approval Rejection Letter. The individual you will be asked to contact will be happy to work with you to come up with a name that will be approved.


    Name Approval Process

    Please send an email with information regarding any questions. We will review your request and reply or call with an answer or assistance.